Custom WordPress Website for Greensilk

Custom WordPress Website for a Beneficial Health Supplement

This Mulberry Leaf Health Supplement helps Diabetics control their blood sugar Levels. Reedy Designs came up with a fresh and inviting design for their website. The design was based on clean simple lines and vibrant Photography. This brings a fresh and open feel for this Custom WordPress Website.

A key feature of this custom WordPress website is the unique Page Title Backgrounds. These custom graphics on each section provide a new look for each section of the site. They also act as landmarks for your visitors.

Greensilk Custom WordPress Website | Reedy Designs

The new version of their website was a big improvement on their original site. This site is better looking. And this site offers more options for Greensilk. The clients favorite improvement, came with their move to a WordPress Website. The Content Management System [CMS] comes with WordPress. This CMS gives Greensilk the ability to edit all of their text and imagery. They can edit their website whenever they need to. They are fully self-sufficient.

The client plans a second build phase to merge her E-Commerce with the rest of her site. We will be adding WooCommerce. This enabls Greensilk to take Credit Card Transactions on their site.

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