Pasadena Museum of History Gets a New Website

Recently Reedy Designs completed the new website for the Pasadena History Museum –

This site is made using Beaver Builder, the cutting edge Front-End Page Builder as well as the latest research in SEO.

Some key SEO decisions involved included making sure we had 100 words above the 500 px line and opting out of a full-width Slideshow. Marviene Fulton of continues to keep abreast of the latest knowledge on how Google ranks pages and as a result we continue to refine our approach, because Google is a moving target and is ever evolving.

Beaver Builder helped us build the site faster and allows the client to edit the website with ease as they view the site.

The design was kept to a minimal treatment with the photography and art from the museum setting the tone.

The museum is very happy with their upgrade and continue to receive lots of positive feedback from fans of the museum.