Photo Gallery Websites are our Specialty

Photo Gallery Websites | Reedy Designs | Dynamic WebsitesReedy Designs Creates Many Kinds of Photo Gallery Websites

We like to get your work out on the web for people to enjoy and maybe even purchase. We strive to give your work the best possible presentation, while providing an intuitive interface for your visitors. Because we work in WordPress, You can edit all your images , adding new and removing old as you see fit.

First we take a look at the images. You have to decide how you will categorize them. Some collections can be shown in One “Album” while others have a more complex structure requiring various “albums.”

Then we look at the aspect ratios of your imagery and design a solution that best displays your imagery. the web works better with horizontal imagery. This is due to the technical limitations of a monitor. Landscape Imagery works best, but that does not mean you cannot display portrait imagery. The trickiest to work with is a collection of both landscape and portrait ratio imagery. Once we have assessed your imagery, we design the appropriate presentation space.