Photoshop Crop Tool Blues

Photoshop Crop Tool | Reedy Designs | Dynamic Websites | Creative GraphicsLongtime users of Adobe’s Flagship Application miss the old Photoshop¬†Crop Tool.

It used to be that you would set a specific dimension for the Photoshop Crop Tool. When you then cropped an image with that constraint, the image was resized as it was cropped. This left you with the chosen image dimension ratio and the right dimensions.

The new crop tool does offer several nice improvements, but now when you set a constrained proportion with the Photoshop Crop Tool, it only crops the image to the ratio of your dimensions, and does not resize the image to the exact pixel dimension.

So remember, everytime you want to crop to an exact size, you have to use the crop tool and then go to the edit image size dialog box and change the dimension of your image. When changing image size, remember we only need 72 dpi. if your dpi is higher, first change it to 72 dpi, and then go ahead and enter your width and height dimensions.

Hopefully the powers that be at Adobe will bring back this missing crop tool behavior and the world will be right again.

In the meantime, has anyone found a workaround for this?

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