David saved my website from a GoDaddy Nightmare
I was referred to David after Godaddy had destroyed my website by migrating my theme to a platform that would not support it. In their attempt to fix the issue, they actually deleted over 50 pages of content that had taken years to develop. When it was restored it was a completely unworkable mess. David was able to get a temporary theme installed the same day I contacted him to help keep me in business. We then set-up to plan and implement a site that solved all of the issues I was unable to accomplish previously. The new site is more dynamic, functional and visually superior to anything I had before. He was able to build custom pages to fit each one of my unique needs and more impressively he spent time learning about what I my business was really all about. All of my program icon were custom designed by him and he was very receptive to my feedback on each one to get things just the way I wanted them. My clients love the new flow, and I have found that new visitors to my site spend more time looking around. Thanks GoDaddy for breaking my site, I might not have taken the steps necessary to let David make it better.