This is the first time that I have ever worked with David Reedy of Reedy Designs-- he built my website -- David worked within my budget, and built my website exactly as I wanted it to look and function. I am very pleased with all aspects of David's work. He treated me in a professional manner and was reliable, trustworthy, and efficient in all aspects of his work. Also, he empowered me by training me in the WordPress system, teaching me to work on both the back-end and front-end of my site, so in the future I can make my own changes: edits and additions. David also installed good security measures, and when attempts were made to hack my website just a few days after it was launched, the security measures that he installed protected the site. Additionally, David made excellent suggestions for additional work that he did for me at no additional cost. I highly recommend David Reedy of Reedy Designs.