He performed beyond my expectations… again!
I have known David Reedy for over a dozen years now. He did a couple of websites for me years ago and I was thoroughly satisfied with his skills, talents and expertise. Back then I had a feeling that I could completely trust David because I knew nothing about the construction of a website. David was amazingly patient with me and dazzled me beyond what I expected way back then. When I decided to mount a new website [recently] I called David and did not know what to expect but again he performed beyond my expectations… again! David has always been patient with my ignorance and not only gave me a product that I love. He also taught me how to put it all together with new technology, with more bells and whistles, to operate as a writer promoting my books and blogs. Rather than just giving me a fish sandwich he taught me how to fish. I highly recommend David Reedy for website construction. If you do not understand how all this is supposed to work, trust David and you will be in great hands. I would recommend him highly and happily toot his horn.