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Professional Web Design from Experienced Designers

Every business needs a professional web design that fully reflects the expectations of their customers while providing all the functionality needed for easy management.  Beauty and ease of use for both visitor and owner is our priority.

Embarking onto the web can be daunting. There are so many choices to make in the web design process. We understand that the jargon can get overwhelming. We will take our time to listen to you and teach you so you can make the right decisions to support your future goals. The team at Reedy Designs has a methodical professional web design process that insures the customer approves every step. Mock-ups are always provided. The layout is determined before the site begins to be programmed.

Reedy Designs offers two types of Web Design: Custom Web Design and Pre-Made Themes

Custom Graphics and Image Prep


If you don’t have one yet, we can provide a unique and creative logo solution. Reedy Designs will go through a mockup process with you. We will find the ideal design for you and your business. We are also able to provide any print design you need for your branding and marketing.


A picture is worth a thousand words. We can fit your entire message into a few well prepared “slides.”  Modern slideshows even allow for some advanced animations.  This particular WordPress customization really makes your homepage eye-catching.


We specialize in quality photo galleries and gallery websites for artists and photographers.

Site Background

We love designing graphics for the site background that flatter your product or service. These large background images target larger desktop monitors that often have large areas on the side without content.

Interface Graphics

All of the various panels and sections of the site can have unique graphics that we can create, in harmony with your brand.

wordpress customization can give a polished look to a budget theme.

We work with you in choosing and implementing an affordable pre-made WordPress theme. There are several ways we can take a pre-made theme and make it your own.


WordPress has an excellent Content Management System, that we will teach you to use.  You will be able to edit your text and imagery, if you choose. The right pre-made theme will provide a page builder, allowing for unique layouts on every page of your site.

If you don’t have the time to prepare your own content, we can keyword research, draft and enter the formatted content it for you.

Additional Features

Free plugins

Additional features and functions are made available in the wordpress free plugin library. We can add a Mail Chimp list subscribe, or a custom Twitter feed, or anything else you want for your site.

Premium Plugins

Some features may be more advanced.  A few WordPress customization options will require a small purchase. Some quality premium WordPress plugins include those for Membership, Booking, Ticketing and much more.

Custom Plugins

If you have a request, that has not yet been covered by free or premium plugins, we have programmers who can write the exact features you need into a brand new plugin. Whatever the custom coding feature you need, we can provide.
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