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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Required for Ranking Pages

Want to know how new websites can get high ranking pages? Our SEO consultant knows. That’s her full time job. The SEO industry is fast paced, always changing to try to out-wit the swindlers. All the search engines want is to understand your site, find it useful, and offer it to visitors. If the visitors like it and stay then the search engines take note and offer you to more people for more searches. There are short-cuts but they do not work forever and in the end can really hurt your website. Reedy Designs never allows ‘black-hat tactics’. We take our time and make sure you get quality SEO techniques that give lasting page rank.

SEO is both technical and contextual. Site architecture, URL structure, programming language and more is handled in the design processes through a collaboration of Designer, Programmer, and SEO professionals. Your content is also handled in house. Content always starts with research. We make sure the topic gets traffic and people can find you using terms they put in the search engines.

SEO is not only onsite but it’s off-site, too. We will create and maintain your social network and your internet marketing PPC advertisement campaigns.

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