Creative and Effective Basketball Website Design

M14 Hoops Basketball Academy wanted a deep website to cover their large number of programs. They bring youth basketball training to Chicago and provide training DVDs. Reedy Designs basketball website design has brought a %400 percent increase in sales for M14Hoops. The energetic Graphic Design appeals to the kids, and the easy-to-use navigation gets parents to the right page, for their child’s Academy Sessions.

Key Elements

advertising system
registration system
rotating logos
fresh video content
responsive website design

Special Features

Reedy Designs gives Full Service WordPress Website Design

Everything on this website was handled by Reedy Designs. Our talented SEO Specialist Marviene Fulton has worked hand-in-hand with M14Hoops staff. She teaches them how to write properly. She also assists in distributing their content on their social network.

Several custom plugins were written by our programmer Matt Conkle. One of these useful tools is an internal ad system. He also provides methods for Mobile Optimization.

Custom Basketball Logo Design

M14Hoops wanted several logos on this website. Reedy Designs exceeded their vision for basketball logo design. The company logo at the top of the page changes with each season. There is an extra special treatment during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each design was created with care. Every logo concept is designed in a joint process with the client. The final designs are always approved by the client and reflect their unique style.

These basketball logo designs made the website pop. The client was ecstatic with the results.

Visual Variety Provides Rich User Experience

One unique part of this basketball website design is the custom treatment for the three main sections of the site. Each section has a unique look and feel. The overall design style permeates the entire site. This provides visual landmarks for the user to better understand site navigation.

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